Sunday, August 15

thank you thank you so much

Oh how much do I love knitters

Oh I am most spoilt

I didn't make it to Bendigo show this year but I had some dear friends off and they really came through with a delicious sample of what was on offer, I am determined not to be moving house next year and making the trek south of the border.

Jeannie Mathews' form spin me up

Denyse - thank you for the lovely hand spun and hand dyed yarn

wooldancer's bush hues

Jody thank you for the deliciously dyed plait of to be spun yarn

bendigo luxury 4ply

Donna and Ailsa  thank you for fulfilling my plaintive tweet when you were at Bendigo Wool Mills

Tarndwarncoort 4ply Polwarth

and Kylie thank you so much for the extremely thoughtful birthday present, I immediately want to cast on socks and I am debating either a shawl or not sure for the Polwarth, mmmmmmm


jp said...

I saw this all in pieces.
It does look fantastic all piled in together.

Anonymous said...

its the least i could do! enjoy xx