Sunday, September 5

pictures in search of a title

Today I blocked my La La simple shawl - I am really happy with the result

I cast on Summer Solstice on Friday - inspired by Knitabulous, Emily and Kylie
So far so good - I am going to knit both sleeves at the same time - so doing the back first.

flowers are cheerful

cats are great

Played in the garden a bit

found a spoon

and spent 5 hours filing paperwork - lost of words at the moment


Rose Red said...

Ugh on the filing, although isn't it good to have it done!

Yay for summer solstice and lovely la la shawl!

Yarna said...

And yay for cats, flowers, finding things and Sopring in general!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos fee. cant wait to be all matchy in our summer solstices!

Melissa said...

Love the shawl, and those kitties are so damn cute!

Jane said...

nice spoon! and lovely kitties, of course.