Monday, September 13

too many choices

As I have said many times before I love a cardigan

There are just too many out there that I want to knit at the moment

And now I am moving away from thicker yarn - which means a longer drawn out knit, perhaps a good thing but not perhaps for this impatient knitter.

First there is Georgia - from the very talented knitter Jane - my needles and I - which myself and my friend Marg and going to knit along together but the yarn we want is on back order so that is a while away yet.

Then there is Hay - by Veera Valimaki- which fits the bill for some of the growing stash of Madelinetosh that is needing to be used up.

Then there is Audrey in Unst by another favorite designer of mine- Gudrun Johntson - who writes such good patterns, did you see her fantastic photos from her trip to Scotland in the last little while - so cool.

And also by Veera there is Celery another sock yarn cardigan in a great shape.

I am also entranced by Cecily Glowik MacDonald at the moment- her eye for detail and form - Candelia above is gorgeous

and another by Cecily - Goodale

ok ok I will stop - soon

then I found

Daffodil - by Orianna Eklund - in my favorite TANGO!!!!!!  And just look at that image - my idea of summer - frock and cardie

with some really daggy cool hipster sandals to match


jp said...

Every time I read your blog my favourites get longer

M-H said...

ARGH! Me too! Queue longer now.

That Daffodil looks like the one I made this winter, based on a Drops pattern - stst with garter stitch yoke. I love it.

But those sandals - you must be joking - I wore them to school for years! Great NZ design, apparently.

Anonymous said...

i have been eyeing celery for a while now, love that one. and is that a frock or shorts over tights?! heh. nice sandals too.

Georgina said...

the daffodil one looks yummy, so does the orange one. what can you recommend your sister to knit for next winter for herself? It will take that long for me to knit it, ha!!

Bells said...

very timely post. As I near the end of the world's slowest worsted weight cardigan, I'm turning my mind to lighter weight cardis. Thanks for the run through!