Monday, September 27

finishing and beginings

So I am planning and prepping for the level 3 component of the NSW knitters guild certificates- to work on during my summer break - of 5-6 weeks!!!!!!

Once this is done I am thinking of doing either the English Guild and Hall (a bit of a history from Emily over here) or the American Master Knitter program.  If perhaps I did the American one I could go over to get my pin!!!!

Ok I am knitting nut - but thought if I write this here I might actually do it


Rose Red said...

yay! do eet! and go to the US to get your pin!

drkknits said...

do it do it do it. do both. surely you also need to go to the UK to...i dont know...get someone to show you how to do something!!

jp said...

Big Hairy Goals are great.

You should sail through as well.
The challenge with the Cert 3 may be locating the reference material

Virginia said...

I thought briefly about doing the Master Knitter program and then regained my sanity.

But I think that it is a fine goal and I would be duly impressed if you managed to complete any of these.

Emily said...

Oh, do the City and Guilds and give me a boot up the backside to get beyond module one!

Yoga Knitdra said...

I love new beginnings. Yes, go for it, the ultimate in knitting 'flow'. The journey and the pin!