Thursday, September 30

Stuck in Sleeve land

Many others have been here before and I am not the first by any means to tread along this tricky and somewhat tedious path.

My Summer solstice keeps coming to these impasses - the length of the body dilemma I overcame with a lifeline and the decision to be held off.  I got to where I thought was the end of the sleeves, finally, yesterday only to try it on and wonder how it all had shrunk and should I re do them!

Then there is the temptation of the Celery Cardigan and some scummy Madelintosh calling from my stash - along with a shawl from the intense orange of wollmeise - to be a farewell present with a deadline looming in  2-3 weeks.

And I can't even begin to contemplate the tardiness of my sock club this year - after a fine effort last year I have lost my sock mojo.  Those reminders keep popping up and I just keep denying their existence, both the club and the reminder.

So hence the previous post - on some level I think I need to concentrate not on the finishing but the learning of knitting.  That is how I am getting myself up and over the hill of sleeves-ville.  Along with the knowledge that it is now summer and short sleeves are the go for my planned summer knitted wardrobe.

So my remedy to all of this - step aside from the cardigan, wind some wool and swatch in preparation. Then think how nice it would be to have solstice done for the guild meeting next week - nothing like a deadline!


Rose Red said...

Would it help if I challenge you? "I challenge you to finish your summer solstice for guild next week!"

LynS said...

Don't be too hard on yourself! You already achieve so much more than most knitters. I look forward to seeing Summer Solstice, but if not at Guild next week then Autumn next year will do.

drkknits said...

yes, the process is the most important thing, but sometimes its necessary for the soul to get something finished. this i think is why my sock mojo has come back, they really are very quick. i had to put aside the cardigans tho. cardigan knitting is a mojo-sucker.