Thursday, September 30

"you should be allowed to make mistakes - and never unravel"

did I really say that?!?

I think to a beginner it is important not to give up - to not pull it out, just keep going and revel in your achievement.

I just came across the October issue of Notebook Magazine - there is a great article about my teaching by Selina Altomonte.

What caught my eye as I had my first flick through the magazine was the gorgeous bow scarf she is photographed wearing - it was her, I think, second time around with the pattern and what a great job she did.  

I think that perhaps crochet and granny squares are winning the craft time in her house though!!!!

note to add sadly this happened yesterday so it is all not longer.....

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Naomi said...

I love notebook magazine and was so sad to learn it won't be published any more :) cute blog..Naomi x