Friday, October 1

blogfest october BLOGTOBER

blog fest,


it's Blogtober again!!!! and as I do better with a deadline and a commitment and I have been missing blogging here I go.
I will have to load buttons etc over the weekend as I can't do it at work at the moment - something is not compatible.

Last night I was at my knitting clinic - and as I am telling my students the importance of a swatch and tension square (and one might think I was torturing them with said item of knitting) I thought I should do the same.  So I did one for my Celery - the Madelinetosh colour is just delicious.  I started the Damson for in the gorgeous wollmeise orange.  
And I had a long hard look at Solstice and I think I have a plan - 5cm on the length then the collar and then fix the sleeves.  I can block it in between the collar and the sleeve fix as it may drop a little bit...

Anyway today was the start of get organised for the weekend - and I had to go to Ikea for work - so I thought I would also get the large bookshelf that is going to revolutionise my study, as far as tidiness and organising goes.
I am a well versed shopper so I checked the stock list before I left this morning -first bung steer of the day was that the tag on the show room floor shelf misdirected me to the wrong aisle etc.  A quick look on the computer in the self serve area set me in the right direction - but there were none there!!  A 15 minute wait to talk to the dudes behind the computer then lead to a 20 minute wait while the dude checked the loading dock.  Even he was annoyed as he knew I would not be the last inquiry for the day and someone had misfiled them - they are not a small item - 3 boxes worth. So he was going to put a note in the system and get a restock sorted overnight and suggested I ring first in the morning before coming out. ARG my plans of spending tomorrow cleaning up my study are out the window as now I will be trekking in and out to Homebush.

A side note to this is that this week I realised how close the new Ikea will be - I will be able to walk down for  a free coffee - S.V. is already organising a ban for me!!!   I bet when they move in I will no longer be needing anything - except for the stuff those ikea pixies put in your yellow bag as you go around the store....

but I have biked back and forth to work 2.5 times this week - about to get the last .5 in and bike home now - have a great weekend.


LynS said...

Are you really going to go to Ikea in Homebush on a Saturday? You're very brave.

I'm looking forward to having you blog each day. I'm a bit tempted to join you...but only a little bit.

jp said...

Ikea Homebush on a Saturday in the Middle of the School Holidays.
Brave is one word for it.

Take supplies and Call for help.

No Blogtober for me. My Camera died this week and I can't imagine a month of blogging until I replace it.

Rose Red said...

I'm with Lyn - you are brave! my advice is to get there early - or late!

Where is the new IKEA again??