Saturday, October 2

how to get sidetracked even with a plan

So after the experience at ikea yesterday S.V. drew up a game plan for the visit today. We both rang and checked stock on the shelf and then I triple checked the car interior.  After a small family conference it was decided that we would get the unit delivered.  And off we set with our plan below. (diagram curtsy of the sock vicitm)

This is what actually happened - 

 - plant, pots and office chair (that was planned)

Tom sleeping oddly with a shaved but mended leg

po in the cat trap we set - old shelves in S.V.'s study

summer solstice ready for collar

And a HUGE thankyou to Rosered for the gorgeous house warming present - we really need to have a house warming sometime I think.  Jane Brocket's "The gentle art of Quiltmaking"  I love and under is the quilt top I made 22 years ago - and I am finally organising to get it finished some time soonish, now I want to make another!


Rose Red said...

Ha ha, I love the before and after diagrams!! At least you got the chair you went there for!

(Can't remember if I mentioned, I got a copy of the book for myself too - we should have a quilt-along. In about 5 years, when I might have time to make one!! heh!)

Anonymous said...

i just find it easier at ikea to submit. grab the trolley and the big yellow bag, folow the path, and put one of everything in there. sigh. its nice you had good intentions though.