Sunday, October 24

books and recommendations

Thank you everyone for your suggestions a few weeks ago.

I had really lost my reading mojo and found getting a book to get me back into reading more difficult than usual.

Here is the list of recommendations - so came in via email afterwards and others were left as comments on the blog.

Shirley Hazzard - The great fire, Transit of venus - from Beth who has started her renovations blog wow quite amazing, she also did the graphics and store plans for the recently opened Granny Square, that fab new wool shop in Newtown

American Gods by Neil Gaiman recommended by both Kris and DrK and a copy kindly lent already

The Passage by Justin Cronin from DrK(aka Kylie) 

and I also found out from Kylie that there is a Linda Wallander book out - still need to get to a book shop for that one

Also Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

Kylie and another two friends Ingrid and Marg, have both recommended Johnaton Frazen's new book

Rosered had some really fantastic recommendations - so good that I had read them all and loved them too
Rushdie's  Midnight's Children
Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and To Kill a Mockingbird.
The Lovely Bones - my darling friend Sally would always give me a book for my birthday and they were always amazing - this one was one from a few years ago

Number One Ladies Detective Agency books - read and loved them all - another friend of mine grew up in Botswana so I read these and think of her.

And from my Mum 
Fred Vargus books, set in Paris
and the Donna Leon series set in Venice 

Lyn suggested
Arnulder Indridason 
Kate Atkinson Case Histories', 'One Good Turn', 'When Will There be Good News?', and the most recent - 'Started Early, Took My Dog'.  and as you would of seen I found Case Histories that very day in the bookshop of doom.  Last night I finished it - and loved it too.

My friend Marg works in a book shop and has also given me a list including the Man Booker prize
winer this year - which I am really interested in reading
The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson

in other news I am currently looking for a laptop bag -edited to add that I stand corrected instead of using S.V.'s old bag he suggested and then found this last night
I am in love 

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Yoga Knitdra said...

Thanks for listing the responses Fee I've in need of reading inspiration myself.