Monday, October 25

sock club and knitting progress

Finally a sock club reminder came around again this weekend and I am casting on...

These ones are for me and the yarn I have had in my stash a while now, Fleece Artist BFL sock yarn in grey.  As you can see from the socks below I am not being that adventurous with colour choice - I looked at other colours but it just didn't feel right.

Kalajoki by Tiina Seppälä

The pattern Kalajoki is slightly adapted so there is a small amount of thinking and researching what other people have done as it was written for 6ply but I am loving the waving rivers up the legs.
It is a Finnish pattern tranaslated into English and the pattern notes Tiina describes the socks thus
"Kalajoki socks reflect the Kalajoki river which winds its way through Finland and empties into the Baltic Sea. Like the river, these socks feature a twisted rib pattern that undulates down the foot."

I have named mine Cook's River but there will be no sludge or smell from my socks......

and continuing with the twisted rib I am just about to start on the body of Audrey having finished the ribbing section of the body - phew this is going not so fast but it is 4 ply so I should not kid myself.


Anonymous said...

oh they are amazing looking socks, and i think grey is the perfect colour. twisted rib is painful to do but gee it looks good!

Rose Red said...

that is one fab sock pattern!