Monday, October 25

once more with feeling

244 stitches

that is what I cast on not the 263 that the pattern called for

36 rows down the track of the twisted rib just about to go into the stocking stitch

so I did what I needed to do,

but not what I wanted to do

rip rip rip

wind wind wind

and cast on again

now from those 36 rows I now have 2 rows done

now for some socks - damn that is twisted rib too ARGGGGGG

the lane and house is the walk home from the station - love the sandstone house at the end of our street


Rose Red said...


I admire your bravery - that would have spent a few days in the naughty corner before I could bear to rip it and redo. Gee it looks good though, that twisted rib in that gorgeous colour!

LynS said...

Oh no...tragedy! But just think how beautiful it will be in this zingy colour.

Virginia said...

ooh, that is irritating. I'm so sorry.

Pretty pix though.

Kristen said...

Oh no! I feel your pain, Im actually knitting the twisted rib hem and oh it feels like it goes on forever, if I had to rip.....:( You sure are brave. Its so funny because I CO for socks too, just to have a break from all that ribbing! Anyhow it will be worth it.

Yoga Knitdra said...

So frustrating, but I'm sure you'll forget about it soon enough with your speedy hands.