Monday, October 4

Cast OFF!!!!

So spurred on by Rosered I concentrated hard on my summer solstice this weekend.
that was then end of food still heaps left over YUM

And today at knitting afternoon tea at Jody's I cast off.  It was great to sit and knit with wonderful knitters this afternoon - thank you everyone

please forgive the bad hair, kooky eyes,
not matching outfit and sleeves pushed up

YAY now I am going to block and check the sleeve length -but to tell you the truth with the collar it feels right now and the sleeve is a bit short but I like it like that.

Now to sew in ends and block - or is that block and sew in ends.  Or perhaps I will just knit something else tonight.....


jp said...

The Summer Solstice looks good.

The table is now clean and all the leftovers packed away and the washing up done! (Mostly in the dishwasher).

Oh and I have cast off the Right Front of my Flutter Sleeve Cardigan.

Virginia said...

Sewing in ends... ugh.

But the cardi looks beautiful! Congratulations on finishing it.

miss~nance said...

Fellow blogtoberfest participant here and a first timer to your blog. Am hoping to get around to all the blogs this month. would love you to visit mine


Rose Red said...

Yay you!! I hope you've sewn in ends and blocked by now...heh heh!

Anonymous said...

not many ends to sew in tho, hey? and hello, you FINISHED it already!! yay! i so knew this would look GREAT on you!

Emily said...

Hey, it's lovely!

My sleeves are a bit short, too (your later post) but I've decided this is desirable for work as means they don't touch patients when I examine them and better for handwashing and hygiene in general. So I did it on purpose, of course!