Tuesday, October 5

watch out socks are addictive

So Mum came back from her latest trip os - a cruise from Germany to America

regia regia regia rocks

and her friend Gurdrun, whom she traveled with, is a huge sock knitter and Mum caught the bug - 5 pairs later.  I asked for some but as I can knit for myself I am not getting any.  It is so funny as she is a bamboo DPN convert - and I am either two circulars or a magic loop devotee - I gave her my WIP tube today and needles a while back.

not best photo "give me the keys I want to show you my socks"

Maddy left, Aurelia middle and George on the right
see the family resemblance there?


Lauren said...

Beautiful sock stash there :)

NessaKnits said...

Your Mum is socking (not smoking ...)

jp said...

Nice Socks. IT is obviously very addictive.

Anonymous said...

socks, once mojo has returned, are indeed addictive. your mama seems to make very nice ones, i agree you shouldnt get any either! and yes, there is a slight family resemblance! ie, you are all gorgeou :)

Anonymous said...

But... but... but...
I just don't think it's fair that nobody knits for the knitters. Who could possibly appreciate it more?