Wednesday, October 6

where does silk come from

From silk worms and my friend Grace and her family has been overtaken with silkworms.  Her mum and dad are making nearly 4 trips a day to the local mulberry tree in the park down the road - at least puppy dog is happy for all of the walks.

what will happen after the moths wake up

5 boxes!!!

and here is the best real estate photo yet - check out the posters on the wall - you could own this wondrous piece of Sydney real estate too, smack bang under a flight path, but very close to transport, trains, buses and planes.....


Jan said...

Think I'll pass on the real estate although I'm looking for when my place is sold. I'd say 1880-86. That was as close as we could date ours. The window above the door, the door jamb, the actual fireplace and the wooden mantelpiece and fire surround are all identical to stuff I know. Along with the height of the ceilings.All our fireplaces still had their decorative tiles on the floor. Just look at the stove in far left corner, I'm sure someone could do it up.

Virginia said...

I'm loving all this posting!

The worms made my daughter go "ewwwwwww."

and that real estate photo is... something else. :)

LynS said...

So many silk worms! So many mulberry leaves needed! I hope you report back on their development.