Sunday, October 17

getting gauge edited to add - or how missfee is crap at math

So to embark on Audrey I need to do some maths

edited to add - wrong wrong wrong fee failed at math - see comments for the truth!!!!

as my gauge is on 3.5mm needles- 28 stitches and the pattern calls for 24 stitches.

I did go up a needle size to 4mm but the fabric looked all wrong and loose - so instead along comes the math.

I fit the 5th size - 38.5" or 98cm, just double checking that with tape - whoopsI am a bit smaller so perhaps I should go down a size

With a bust measurement of 94cm I fit the 4th size - 36.5" or 93cm - bit of a difference but it is meant to be with negative ease of about -2.5cm.

Here comes the math - BLURG - my gauge is 28 stitches over 10cm so on the overall garment I am off or over by 4 stitches which overall would be an extra 1.4cm every 10cm
Worked out by dividing 28 into 10 and times it by 4 - gives me 1.4cm

So over 93cm - that is 9.3 lots of 10 - I would gain 13.2 stitches - making my cardigan not 93cm at the bust but 106.3cm and one unhappy missfee.

So if I knit the first size at 77.5cm bust I would get a gain of (7.75 x 1.4cm +77.5) = 88.35 bust - too small

If I knit the second size - 83cm bust - the gain would get me to a 94.62cm bust - so this would be the one for me.  Non or 63mm of  ease but I am fine with that - I am not so sure that I would like a really tight garment.

Ok so I am crap at math - did I do this right?  Just asking as I know you are out there today Rosered, Jodie and Reccie......HELP

edited to add - wrong wrong wrong miss fee fails at math - see comments for the truth!!!!
so for every 24 stitches I need to knit 28 so as the lovely ladies say say I need to knit the 108cm Bust as it will give you 259.2 stitches at 28 stitches for 10 cm


Rose Red said...

I think you actually need to make at least a size BIGGER not smaller - because your gauge is tighter than what the pattern calls for. Eg, if you have to cast on 100 stitches for the back (just plucking a figure out of the air), at your gauge of 28/10, or 2.8st/cm, 100 st will give you 35cm across. At pattern gauge of 24/10 or 2.4st/cm, 100 st will give you 41.6cm. Does that make sense?

If that;s right, to get a 93cm bust measurement, you'll need to have about 260st (ie 93 x 2.8) around the bust area (assuming this pattern is knit seamlessly), or 130 across the back (if knit flat). Look for the size with that number of stitches (or as close as you can get).

But maybe someone should check my maths too!

Charisse said...

maths is my arch-nemesis but I think RoseRed is right - your gauge is tighter therefore you need to make a larger size. My calculations also lead me to around the 260 stitch mark (Audrey is seamless)

good luck fee!!


jp said...

RoseRed is right for every 24 stitches in the pattern you would need to knit 28 stitches.

You need the one that will give you 260 approx stitches at the bust!

The 108cm Bust will give you 259.2 stitches at 28 stitches for 10 cm

NessaKnits said...

Good luck.

Yoga Knitdra said...

Can't wait to see how this comes out, such a great colour for the Audrey. I'm quite a tight knitter and that's usually my thing with garments, to go up a size when I like the look in the 'smaller' needles.

drkknits said...

you lost me at "...Math". pretty colour tho!