Sunday, October 17

how a tree, and my garden, made me forget

to Blog yesterday

I got so into the garden that I lost all track of time and ended up pulling out a dead tree - then planting a new one.

Here is the root

and the branches

and the new tree

and the veggie patch - we also bought a push lawn mower yesterday so there was lawn mowing as well!

some wool - sadly DK not sock was sent - so the Georgia cardie is still a while off yet

I am wondering if I should send this back or keep it......

Work in progress

Another Damson in wollmeise - love the orange

and here is Po in the stain glass window - not happy and jumped straight down again

Celery or Audrey what to cast on next?  Still can't decide.....


Rose Red said...

I vote (a) keep the DK - you'll find something to make with it (or an eager pair of hands to take it off your hands!!) and (b) Audrey. Because you can never have too many red cardigans!!

Charisse said...

Audrey! It's the best cardigan ever!

jp said...

I think I am voting Audrey (And keep the dk)

LynS said...

How could I differ from such wise advice? Audrey and keep the dk.

Anonymous said...


Yarna said...

What they said.