Tuesday, October 19

Is it finished

When do you know you have finished a knitted project?

When you cast it off?
When it is blocked?

or when it is worn for the first time?
I am pondering this as I cast off my Damson today.

Finished - but is it really?

 many thanks to my photographic assistants Tom and Po 


M-H said...

It will look completely different when it is blocked. Mine underwent the most dramatic difference made by blocking I have ever seen.

LynS said...

It has to be
(a) blocked
(b) photographed and
(c) entered on Ravelry
(d) oh-ed and ah-ed over by friends

Virginia said...

LynS forgot one step:

(e) approved by felines.

LOVE your damson. Can't wait to see it blocked and modeled. :)

Anonymous said...

i think its finished when its blocked, but i dont feel done with the project until ive done the whole rav/blog thing either! cant wait to see this one!