Tuesday, October 12

Tuesday bluesday

Was so hard to get up and going today - and I had a 7am start which meant leaving home by 6.30am which I didn't quite manage today.  I did still make it to work on time though.  Then the turning on of the brain - I struggled with that too, at least until I had my coffee.

Mothers of Australia no doubt will be cursing me when this goes to air - a calendar that pops up each day - a new scene - this is the white card version - it will be full on full colour by this time next week.

before dinner

I am currently obsessed with artichokes but I think that the season is nearly over and this will be our last lot tonight.

after dinner

And I found purple potatoes at the markets on Sunday that stayed purple when they were cooked - we think they may be more yam that potatoes.

The muffins from Sunday were from the Ottolenghi book I talked about the other day - the apple carrot and pecan - they are so so so delicious with the most amazing topping of butter, mucavavdo, oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower oil and honey

Here is our new pan from Ikea in action - and the makings of breakfast on Saturday - I keep harking back to the weekend as it was so much fun.  I also cut some knitting for guild - photos over here - Mary-Helen and Sandra ran the best workshop on steeking at Guild.  More info over here from     Rosered, she supplied the great scissors....

Thanks for the great photo Kris

I was so hung over on Saturday it took a coffee, on the left, and tea on the right, along with bacon eggs and HP sauce.  We had way too much fun on Friday night just hanging out at home, eating artichokes and BBQ.

Birds on a wire captured on my iphone last night in petersham....


Emily said...

Liking the pop-up calendar!

And I think we've just bought the same ikea pan. Small world!

Anonymous said...

dsat was great, so cool to see all those lovely bits of fair isle get chopped up! and you must tell me how you make your artichokes. i love them but am too scared to cook them myself!