Wednesday, November 3

goodbye is so hard

especially after 6 wonderful years

I myself have grown in these years, had the space to experiment and make stuff, tap into my inner 4 year old let loose with a hot glue gun and NT cutter. 

found so much happiness and the most wonderful friend in my gorgeous director

To be a custodian of this most precious show has meant so much to me

the last 3 days I have been shooting a book for the show with a really great photographer Ian Hofstetter

I wish this last shot had been in focus as it is so so cute - I did get a portrait taken with the toys and just with little ted just for me and some great memories

now I am undergoing to major shift from the old job to the new one.....


Virginia said...

Awww... lots of hugs to you.

I hope the new job is just as wonderful.

drkknits said...

such a huge change. i know you will be greatly missed but its time for a change. may it bring just as much creative fulfillment!

LynS said...

What a wonderful experience to have had. And what a great base to build from to whatever is coming next. Congratulations on both your past work and new prospects.

Kebeni said...

they are been lucky to have you and well, you have been lucky to have such a wonderful job. I felt teary reading this post so I can imagine how you must feel

Kebeni said...

gosh I was teary reading this so I can imagine it is an emotional time for you *hugs*

ps I wrote a comment and then lost it I think