Tuesday, November 2

what to do when you don't have a couch

So we are getting a new couch - and delivery has been delayed and delayed and delayed - I think everyone is getting one of these.

old couch

We put our old couch on ebay and it sold really quick!  It went on Saturday.

Today is Tuesday - and delivery of the new couch is due for Thursday.

What is the problem you may ask - the wicker chairs off the front porch are great for a drink and a sit but not a lounge.  Not more than about 25 minutes and with a cushion there is a dull ache and the loss of feeling in your bottom, after 40 minutes.

So last night I went to bed early - and early to bed the night before too, but tonight we went for a walk.  Down to the Cooks river - where it dawned on me that it was named for that Cook - whoops duh.  S.V. was not impressed and pointed out that we live right next to Botany Bay - that one in the song

Singing too-rall, li-oo-rall, li-ad-di-ty,
Singing too-rall, li-oo-rall, li-ay,
Singing too-rall, li-oo-rall, li-ad-di-ty
Oh we are bound for Botany Bay
Oh we are bound for Botany Bay.

etc etc etc

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jp said...

Yes that time between couches is a challenge. Kitchen chairs, dining chairs and outdoor furniture are never as comfortable. Even with Cushions!