Sunday, November 21


It started about a week ago and inspired by this top over at the Tessuti blog I made one for myself.  This is a liberty cotton - not a lawn and it has been worn and washed 4 times since I made it - I am a love it and wear it now sort of girl you see.

It was trace cut then sew - a real production line over here yesterday.  I extended the dining table for more workspace and had numerous cups of tea.  When I reflect back this exercise cost me the price of once expensive top and the hours to find it shopping - instead I made 3 and had my day at home.

As summer approached in it's haphazard way this year I looked at my wardrobe and thought I needed some cotton tops I can throw on look respectable, and stay cool in.  The one inspired by Colette at Tessuti fit the bill and I had the book.    I added 7cm to the length and 5cm to the arms - and I also didn't face the back but used bias binding - the second one I made up a facing for in the same fabric.

I went back last weekend for some more fabric - and although I still have two more pieces I thought I would try out some other patterns before I cut into the liberty lawn.

This is the second  pocketed, do you recognise the fabric - I just couldn't resist, it is like bark cloth and a great colour.

Then this top with the pleats and gathered back, in a light cotton lawn.

Then this simple shift - where upon sewing up I realised I didn't add the seam allowance to the back piece - there was quite a fiddle with fitting in the sleeve but it did work in the end - I am not sure if it will sit right though.  But in this pattern I have found the base I have been after - to make up a version of a Country Road top I have worn and worn over the past few years - it is gathered at the front with a scope neck and a few variations on the sleeve.  That will be the next day of sewing me thinks.

Today I am super excited as I get to knit and hang out with the uber knitters.  And get to catch up on my knitting - I have managed a few rows of Audery each night but it is slow going.


jp said...

Very nice. Can't wait to see them on.

You hvae inspired me I have cut and partially sewed up a top, I need to adjust the shoulders though (too wide). We did spend a bit of yesterday getting some Christmas Shopping done as well.

Love your work.

Today will be a great day.

Anonymous said...

goddamn missfee you are so clever, they are just gorgeous!

and yay for uber knitters. anyone whos anyone, dontcha know! xx

Yoga Knitdra said...

How fantastically productive Fee, all your tops look great and very 'you'. Wearing them will be a delight!