Sunday, November 28

weekends are the best

Now that my week is so full on the weekends are the best.
I did all the washing and cleaning up of the house yesterday

The niece and nephew came over for the night and we took them to the pub for dinner - lots of fun and not a vegetable in sight - don't tell their parents.  The cartoon adventure time and a cool slot car assembled in the lounge went down a treat.

On the sewing front I bought some more fabric but no sewing happened this week - but 2 dresses are planned.

On the knitting front I made some major progress on both cardigans - but not on the socks.

Actually two at the one time is great as I got to the difficult bits of Audrey - I then swap over to the plain part of Georgia.  I hope to finish the back section of Audrey either today or tomorrow - and then the sleeves which I am super excited about knitting.

and the best bit from this weekend is that I got a computer upgrade YAY a macbook pro 15" to fit into the new work bag - and a keyboard and mouse.  It rocks - and purchased from JB hifi - they were great as the first one had a bung video card and had to be returned on Saturday morning.  All sorted and loaded with my stuff ready for work tomorrow.


Virginia said...

Ooh, totally jealous about the upgrade. Go you.

LOOOOOOOOOOVE the cardigans. Red. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

weekends are totally amazing when work is so busy, i just wish they were longer. audrey is looking just magic missfee, as i knew she would. you are the queen of cardigan knitting!

knitabulous said...

Sugar. You're knitting that audrey fast! Can't wait to see both, and you're going to love the sleeves on Audrey, I may never do a sleeve differently again!

Yoga Knitdra said...

Love that you're making both cardi's and at the same time - very you. They look great. Upgrade envy too!

Nellie said...

Go Audrey go! Looking good MissFee. Isnt she a sweet little knit?