Saturday, December 4

bring on saturday

As much as I try at the moment weekends are when I come up for air - work is great but very much demanding of a lot of hours each day - which leaves a bit of time for sleep, eating at home, washing of myself and knitting.
The fun bits are that I have been finding out about the legal system here and went to the courtrooms at Taylor square this week - having lived round the corner for nearly 20 years it was really fascinating to see the inside of the building.

Today I am catching up on some work before heading out for drinks with friends this afternoon

Po decided that I needed a hand with drafting and reading measurements

then he decided that my drafting presentation was rubbish and he needed to add some thoughts of his own to the drawing

After that we checked out the strawberries and pansies in the garden

and tom was seduced by a cuddle or two

there is a new camera in the house - a Panasonic DMC-LX5 and it rocks - there is a debate as to whose camera it is and I think I am losing....

there has been a small amount of knitting on both cardigans.....

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BethyG said...

Is that the first time SV has shown his face on this blog? xxxB