Sunday, December 12

phew I am getting there

I finished a sleeve - one to go now - this was taken earlier when I was just starting the rib but now I am already part way down the cap on the second sleeve.

if I can I need to finish at least one pair of socks before the end of the year, this years personal sock club is so behind.

but it was a great weekend of knitting - at guild and in Newtown this afternoon with some great girls - you know who you are!!!!

and I found the best dress for Xmas today - from Made590 on King St it is from Lazybones - if only my cardie was blue it would be perfect!


Rose Red said...

I love the dress!

Looks like you'll have to knit a blue cardi between now and christmas!! heh heh!

LynS said...

I'm so taken by this pattern - particularly the sleeves - that I think I'm going to have to knit it - even though it would take me forever. The colour is wonderful.

Virginia said...

The cardi is so gorgeous! Love that red color...

Too bad you can't find the dress in something complimentary.

Anonymous said...

and i bet you have finished this now. its just gorgeous, cant wait to see it in person.