Sunday, November 2


I have been making slow progress with my knitting in the last week - actually saying that makes me think not really that slow.

I finished the socks in the bloody Mary - but will have to take photos - and finished the top of one.

Socks that rock yarn before they started being socks.

Then started Twisted Flower which I adore - very complicated but satisfying. But SLOW, only 12 rows a night - definitely not train knitting.

Finally Lotus has made some more progress - another repeat done, one to go - today's knitting.

Then the pi shawl which I thought would be my no think knitting - how wrong was I. I did pick the complicated pattern didn't I so only myself to blame. And luckily I bought two balls of the yarn as it is eating it up.

Here is the great knitting bag I made myself whilst helping Kris with her very cool Halloween costume. We droped by last night but had to leave early due to poor S.V.'s back not being too good.

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Bells said...

that's a gorgeous yarn shot at the top there!

I found the more complicated version of pi very much a concentration project - which is why I just went back to eyelets in the end!

Have long wanted to do twisted flower. That looks great and I love the idea of pinning the row counter!