Friday, May 28

June Busy blogfest

Jody and LynS last night at knitting were talking about blogging every day in in June - Lyn
s is undergoing some huge changes, Jody is being worked way to hard and I am about to relocate houses.

I think in my mind this thought was sparked by Sally's post about ask a busy person.

So I am going to join in.   I have a weekend ahead of Yoga intensive and packing.  Yesterday I bought 80 boxes and I intend to make a big dent on the books and cds.

There are a few repairs needing to be done around the house we are moving out of - it belongs to friend's of mine who are currently living os - so before we hand it over to the new managing agent I am going to get these seen to.  This means a bit of work measuring up, making notes and then a trip to bunnings - with a list so I don't forget anything.  Dougal is coming over on Sunday to start the work and I have talked to the plumber who should be here later in the week.

Today I am off to teach the young peoples the finer details of designing for TV.  This year my classes are split in 1/2 so I have to repeat the class twice in a row.  This is quite challenging for me as I love the fresh approach and by the second class last week I was flagging a bit.  They were the quieter class and I think I just need to treat each class differently.

Oh and I bought some more yarn from the wonderful Knitabulous - damn I wish I had bought the two skeins of hollywood not just one....

and I am lazy and pinched the image from the etsy site


jp said...

Yay. Adventures are so much better with friends!

Bells said...

i'm contemplating joining in if you're keen to have more company!

Good luck with your classes. I can imagine you being a really warm, fun teacher!

Sally said...

I bought two skeins of the Hollywood and it's gorgeous. Unfortunately (for me)I bought it as a present for a good friend. If she doesn't like it, I'll ask for it back!

Anonymous said...

im very excited by everyone elses plans for a daily blog fest and very glad i have not made the same committment myself. get away with the evil red yarn temptres....

1funkyknitwit said...

Delicious red!! Mmmm ;)

I'm beginning to think you, Lyn and Jody have gone mad..ahah
Good luck with your daily mission ;D