Wednesday, November 17

lost in the moment

So here I am sitting at my new desk - in my temporary office finding fun people to hang out with for the duration of the job. Translates to I am employing people.
As will all new things it does take a while to get into the swing of things and it is taking me a few days - wondering what I am meant to do and such

I have change names and place to protect the innocent but here is the letter that came with the present from Sock Victim for getting the new job - 

Dear SockVictim of idyllic Sockland your Ordernumber is: 0000001

We‘re honered to announce that you soon will be proud F77 BEN owner. We do everything within and beyond our power to make sure that in no time a charming delivery man will ring your bell to hand over your personal piece of FREITAG!

Later this evening we‘re going to celebrate your shopping skills till dawn and we will drink at least 17 times to you. Therefore again, thank you very much!

Best regards
Your FREITAG Online Team

Usual delivery times (F-cut excluded):
Switzerland: 2-3 days
EU-Countries: 5-8 days
Rest of th world: 10-15 days

new bags!!!

and then 

Finally!! Your F-product has been successfully packed and is now about
to leave our F-factory. We all gathered one last time in the factory
hall to wave goodbye with scattered emotions.

We wish you and your FREITAG‘s the best of health in future. May you
live in harmonic and eternal friendship!

Once again, thanks heaps and we‘d love to welcome you back soon in our
online store.

Your FREITAG Online Team

new hair

where I have been shleping stuff from

how I get around and talk and drive

cute asleep kitten shop

and another so Tom is not left out

In the mean time I have been slowly plugging away at my Audrey and now I am just about to start the plain stocking stitch bit.  


Virginia said...

I like the part about drinking at least 17 times.


How is the new job going? I've been keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Yarna said...

What great customer service! Cheers to the Freitag team! starting a new job is always a bit daunting. I tell myself that it will only be a few weeks before I feel at home and it usually is.

knitabulous said...

Oh those clever and funny Freitag.

Let us drink to them 17 times!

drkknits said...

oh i do love the F-bags! nice work, and thoroughyl deserved you clever chick. i hope its all going well for you xx