Friday, December 31


this year - every time I start to compose the round up of the year whether it is knitting or otherwise I get sad as I lost two very dear friends this year.

Karen in January and then Sally in May.

Friends are so special and precious.

It just doesn't feel right to flash the finished projects just yet - I am nearly done with my cardie - and I know I will get over the line, just, but I will wait til next year to post photos.
What I will show you is my very first sewing machine which made its way back to me for Xmas.  I had only been talking about how I learnt to sew during the previous week and Aunty Rhonda and Uncle Brian had be the custodians of it where it had lived on their property south of Cooma for quite a few years now.  So long that I had forgotten all about it.

This Xmas they have decided to sell their block of land and then sewing machine has made its way back to me.  Now that I have a house for the singer it seemed fitting to them that it came back to live with me.  I was so excited and grateful as I had given up all thought of ever seeing it again.
I am so lucky and blessed to have a house that I can call 'ours' and a very special sock victim to share it with.

And I am so lucky to have so many special friends.


Rose Red said...

2010 seemed to be a not great year for lots of people. I hope 2011 is full of only good things for you lovey xx

PS I had two nanna naps on christmas day too, heh!

Bells said...

oh my goodness what a gorgeous machine!

Hoping for a better 2011 for you my dear.

Virginia said...

Absolutely lovely machine!

And I'm wishing for a very happy 2011 for you.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous heirloom, imagine the stories it could tell. heres hoping for a better 2011 as well, so much to look forward to now.

Nellie said...

its beautiful Fee! Is it a treaddle (not sure how to spell that word)? My aunt still sews with hers.