Sunday, January 9

FO 2011 Daffodil

This Cardigan has been on my list for a while (and the sandals are finally in the post would you believe).

Last week I had a solid run of holiday and nothing to do - bad weather, a comfy couch and the TV series on DVD 'The Killing', and my own personal chef - well we did take turns sort of,  I did breakfast and he did dinner - yum yum yum.

This is what happened

I reused some yarn bought back in 2002 for a cardie that just never looked good on my or anyone that I tried to give it to.

But I loved the yarn - my favourite as you know in another guise of Tango, Rowan Felted Tweed and I really loved the grey

I did a test to see which colour would go for the stripe - I hope you agree with me on the icy blue I picked, the last one on the right.

I still need to sew in the ends, block and find the perfect buttons - me thinks grey or ice blue

I have started my super duper sock club 2011 socks - but I am sort of stuck at the heel - but really want to meet up with my fellow sock knitters and discuss.  I want the thrill of talking about the sock with my fellow super duper sock knitters.......
I am loving the wollmiese sock yarn to knit with - just a tiny bit splitty but otherwise a great knit.

Running update - so far really good
3rd Jan -3.02kms
4th Jan - 3.22km
5th Jan - 3.35km
9th Jan - 7.48kms
Total this week - 17.07kms - wow a bit more than I thought - but the trick is to keep it up when work gets mad as it will in the next two weeks

I am really really tempted to knit another pi shawl with holes and in a really fine lace weight like this one- am I mad....


Alrischa said...

That's a great color for Shur'tugals! They're looking great so far. And you're further along than me; I'm nowhere near the heels! hehe.

Anonymous said...

no you are not mad. the pi shawl is on my to do list too, and its going to be in alpaca/silk, so maybe we're both mad. of course your colour choice for daffodil is perfect, your colour choices are always perfect. shurtugal looks great too. talking in person rather than on forums, highly underrated.

Emma said...

Daffodil turned out great, the colour combination is just right.

Must be a relief to find just the right use for the yarn after so long.