Thursday, January 6

what missfee did in 2010

yes there was some knitting and as I cast my mind back I realise a bit was done.

The two highlights were my utter amazement at getting ribbons at the show and finishing Percy in record time.

Socks did languish this year and my personal sock club of 2010 didn't fair so well.

Last year there was no photo but 50 projects counted- I think I was too embarrassed to flash those projects - well I did fall behind this year.

Thanks to Ravelry I am able to count up a total of 32 projects, I am being brutally honest with myself and not counting Georgia as there was something awry with the sleeves and I frogged back to an inch past the arm hole, and for the moment I am unable to face anymore red, actually I have grey fever at the moment, but that is this year and I am meant to be discussing last year.

7 cardigans
7 shawls
3 toys
7 socks
2 hats
4 30 stitch items designed by me
1 vest for niece - still waiting for the finished photo of this so you get the not quite done photo
1 square for gorgeous Connor's blanket before we knew he was to be Connor

1. P1000327, 2. P1000325, 3. IMGP4841, 4. Shantaram socks, 5. Fractal Cardigan, 6. Cotton socks, 7. Waving lace socks PSC#3, 8. Hoot, 9. Viften, 10. Popping the cherry, 11. kai- mei, 12. english breakfast tea leaves, 13. 30 stitches scarf, 14. 30 stitches mittens, 15. 30 stitches wrist warmer, 16. ishbel, 17. aurelia's vest, 18. ene's scarf, 19. olatz shawl, 20. rosamund, 21. PSC 2010 #1, 22. Senso Socks, 23. beret, 24. baby blanket for teddy, 25. IMGP4675, 26. IMGP4621, 27. damson 2, 28. IMGP4487, 29. IMGP4432, 30. Hoot, 31. 30 stitches cowl, 32. Untitled


Rose Red said...

Wow - 50 projects!! I am especially in awe at 7 cardigans in a year! You are a knitting machine!

(and I do so love the square you did for Connor's blanket!!) Rocking Horses Rock! (well, duh!!)

Virginia said...

Gorgeous projects! Really really lovely. Go you!

LynS said...

So productive, Fee. I particularly love the Audrey and Tea Leaves cardis - both wonderful outcomes. Like RoseRed, I'm amazed by the 7 cardis in a year.

Andrea said...

Surely that is the *real* Mini Hoot?!? Marcus was given a Hoot toy for Christmas that he adores, and the theme music for Giggle and Hoot gets him toddling in from the next room.

You clever thing you!