Wednesday, January 5

new year's goals

inspired by Kris and a few other blogs I have been working on my 2011 goals whilst on holidays
george is gorgeous

These are

Move more eat less

broken down below-

  • Running 10km per week, more is fine less is not - and walking counts
  • loose 5kilos - this fits into my eat less move more goal of above
  • meditate 5 minutes day minimum
  • sweat the big stuff not the small stuff - I tend to worry about the small things - if your tweets annoy me instead of ranting at S.V. for a day  I am just going to unfollow instead.  
  • Be kind to myself and not expect to be super human, remind myself that I am just a person
  • meditate each day (I said that already didn't I)
  • knit for pleasure not cause I have to - deadlines are not important this year

So far I have
run 3 kms for the last 3 days - to make up for the large amounts of lounging and eating and drinking whilst on holiday
eaten too much but back to Weight Watchers in February - after the madness of work disperses
about to clean up my twitter to ease the small and concentrate on the big
still need to start on the meditating - does knitting count......


LynS said...

These look like very sensible and achievable goals, Fee, though I recommend adding another to not be too hard on yourself if you fall a bit short of achieving them from time to time.

Wishing you and SV a happy, healthy, productive, and not too stressed 2011.

Anonymous said...

knitting is definitely meditation! and i would second what lyn says. my major goal for this year is just to be myself and therefore be kind to myself. if i can accept myself than i might get better at accepting other people too. otherwise, the unfollow button is indeed a very handy tool. dont forget youre just human fee, and youre lovely the way you are xx

Alrischa said...

I think I will copy and paste your goals! I'd like to lose more than 5kg, but there's daydreaming and then there's reality! lol. Great goals :)

Virginia said...

Meditating... yeah, that's the hard one for me. So far I've meditated twice in two days, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Will be shooting for three this evening!